Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to book for the parking?

Preferably yes. It helps us to offer our customers a more accurate and beter service and it helps you to get a better price, especially during the low season.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

You can contact us by mail at There is no cancelation fee.

How do I pay?

You don’t have to pay in advance. Normally you pay while you enter the parking by credit card or in cash.

Do I have to complete any paperwork at the Parking?

No. You take the ticket and the guard will show you where to park the car.

At what time do I have to be at the Parking?

90 minutes before departure if you intend to check-in luggage. Otherwise, 60 minutes should be enough. Please allow an extra 10 minutes if you are travelling during weekends or holidays.

We travel with lots of luggage or with children or with people with reduced mobility. What do you suggest that we do?

Go first to the terminal and unload. Then the driver only can come to the parking, leave the car and walk back (5 minutes) or take the shuttle. When you come back you can do the same: while some of you are waiting for the luggage, you come to collect the car at the parking.

My flight arrives at midnight. Is the parking open so late?

Yes. Parking Aparkivoli adapts the opening hours of the reception to the flight schedules and we wait for the arrivals of our customers, delays included.

How does the shuttle service work?

We offer a free shuttle service to the terminal. There is no fixed schedule: the van goes to the terminal as soon as the customers have parked the car.

When you return you can call us and we will come immediately and pick you up. Please allow a waiting time of 10 minutes, if there is a concentration of arrival flights, and passengers. After a flight, if you do not carry heavy luggage, a good and healthy option is to walk the 180 meters from the terminal to the parking lot – a walk of 5 minutes!

Do I have to leave my car key with you?

No, except if you have a reservation for our covered area.

However, on busy dates you may have to leave it to find your vehicle ready to exit whe you return.

If I have more doubts, what can I do?

Contact us by mail at