Rates of our contracts

Valid from November 1, 2022


3 months 330 € 6 months 460 €
4 months 380 € 7 months 490 €
5 months 420 € 8 months 520 €
What will the prices of the annual subscriptions for 2023 be?

On our location we have enough space for all our current clients.


1 year
630 € Standard Your car is always parked outside
680 € Standard-plus Your car is parked covered preferably (if available)
730 € Premium-indoor Your car is always parked inside

Month contracts are Standard Plus price.

When offering covered places, we give preference to subscribers who have been customers for years.

As you know, we are open to consultation if you think you will use our parking in a way that does not correspond to what we normally offer.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt: parking@aparkivoli.cat.