Advantages of an annual or seasonal contract
  • A contract allows you to use your own car during your stay and to know your car is parked safely when you are at home in your country.
  • It has the best price compared to other transport systems. You will forget about having to rent a car or book a taxi. (Rates).
  • If required, free shuttle service to and from the airport.
  • You, your family, your friends can use your car, the parking lot and all our services.
  • Our spaces allow the parking of all types of vehicles: mobil homes, caravans, tows, motorcycles, …
  • When you arrive at Girona airport your car will be ready to be picked up.
  • We will receive you at any time, our reception is ready for you when you come to park your car.
  • Your car can be parked in our indoor area if it stays in girona for at least one month.
  • Our multi-brand garage can carry out all types of repairs while you are in your home country.
  • We can, if necessary, take your car to the nearest brand dealer: we are in contact with them all.
  • We are happy to arrange ITV for Spanish cars, as well as importing cars with foreign license plates.
  • If your car stays with us for a long time, we can disconnect the battery for you.
  • We can take your car to an interior and / or exterior wash.
  • You can use our parking for flights to Girona and Barcelona. We offer transfer service to and from train stations near Girona if you use Barcelona airport.


Why should you choose us?

Because we are have a complete parking service with many extra services.

We are happy to be at your service knowing what you expect from us.