Shuttle Service

After a flight a good and healthy option, if you only have hand luggage, is to walk the 180 meters from the terminal to the parking lot - a walk of 5 minutes!

We offer a free shuttle service to the terminal, as soon as the customers arrive at the parking. The service operates every day of the week from 2 hours before the first day flight's departure until the last flight arrival (delays included).

When you return you can call us and we will come and pick you up. This service is immediate, however please allow a waiting time of 10 minutes, especially if you arrive at night coinciding with the arrival of several flights at the same time.


If you travel with lots of luggage or with children or with people with reduced mobility go first to the terminal and unload. Then you come to the parking, leave the car and go back in 5 minutes. When you come back you can do the same: while some of you are waiting for the luggage, you come to collect the car at the parking.

Be at the Parking Aparkivoli 90 minutes before departure if you intend to check-in luggage. Otherwise, 60 minutes should be enough. Please allow an extra 20 minutes if you are travelling during weekends or holidays.

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